Packice Mora WTD WWPD
Kennel Club Good Citizen Gold Award

D.O.B: 27/05/13
Hips: 2:8 Eyes: Clear (June '15)
Height: 23 1/4"
Weight: 34 kg

Polyneuropathy: Genetically clear

Ripple (as she was known) was the last to be born in the litter from Dash and Twisp.

She was a greedy little girl, and was always first at the "milk bar" or at the food dish. This resulted in her "affectionately" being called (Big) Bertha.

From a young age Sasha showed a great affection towards people, and used to greet the puppy nanny with a "toothy" smile. A smile that she still reserves for special people today.

Sasha lives with Jo and Storm (a Police dog) who she has formed a great bond with and looks up to. A very sociable girl, Sasha mixes with her many doggy friends all of different breeds and sizes. She has also taken to obedience work, and has passed her Bronze and Silver KC Good Citizens awards with ease.

Sasha joined us on our latest trip to Sweden and showed great promise, running in a variety of positions in the team. She has that willingness to please attitude that makes for a good "all rounder"

We are sure Sasha has a bright future ahead of her in all activities.

We thank Jo for giving her such a wonderful loving and active home .