After a very successful first litter, Twisp has proven to be an able and devoted mother, psssing on her qualities to her four pups. These pups have now reached the age were they can begin health tests. We are cofident with their high levels of activity without any issues, means that they will have good results.

Our pack over the years has evolved with a wealth of genetic research, with each member being introduced after considerable thought. Temperament and working ability always in mind.  Health issues will play an important role in our breeding and as our breeding pair will be of generally a mature age than current trends, we would hope that this would have given time for any hereditary issues to have surfaced.

When we purchased our dogs we were of great belief that "the best things come to those that wait” and in our eyes it also shows commitment in this want one now culture.

These dogs, selected for their outstanding working ability will need stimulating, active homes in return for a life time of life changing experiences. If you would like to get to know our pack and decide whether you're up to the challenge please drop us an email.


Litter Planned September 2015


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Beavers Creek MK C'Tatanka

Mogway Kennel's Aybel-Chinook

Heritage KB Tribut of Chinook

Mesquite of Timook

Kotzebue Taku of Chinook


Ch. Cold Valley's Erasmu

Alexej Chirikov Alinka

Beavers Creek MK B'Buffy

Ch. Terrapin's Talisman Polartrax

Ch. Sno Klassic Above The Rim

Ch. Terrapins Itsa Long Strange Trip

Beavers Creek MK Artica Umiak

Mogway Kennel's Aybel-Chinook

Via CV Akela Of Alaskan Temperaments

Mountain Home's Packice Twisp WTD WWPD WPD WPDA

Mountain Home's Jake Frost WTD WPD

Ch. MACH Arcticdawn's Guardian Spirit, UDX, HIT, WLD, WWPDX

BISS Ch. Black Ice's Sudden Impact,

MACH Mountain Home's Goldsmoke UDX2, HIT, Can CDX, WWPD, WLD, TDI, CGC, CGN

Mountain Home's Oreo Cookie, WTD

BIS, BISS Am/Can/Aust Ch. Williwaw's River Dance, ROM 

Mtn Home's Special Agent, WTD

Mtnhomes Runnin in the Shadows WTD WPD

Mtn Home's Spring In The Air, WLD

Mtn Home's Aerodynamic Jet, WTD

Mtn Home's Special Agent, WTD  

Mtn Home's Choose To Cruise, WTD

Mtn Home's Dash To The Summit, WTD

Mtnhome Pocket Full O Tricks, WTD