Dec 25th- The "pack" (including Kia, just 2 days shy of her 12th birthday) enjoy a nice Christmas morning walk, 7 miles around Whinlatter Forest.

Dec 22nd - Allerton Park weight pull. The pull again moved indoors due to the extremely wet conditions. Twisp pulls 1500lbs, and Leader pulls a new PB of 1700lbs.

Dec 15th & 16th - BSHRA Broxa rally. Leader and Twisp finish 4th on day 1, and 6th on day 2.

Dec 14th - Leader and Twisps WPDA certificates are confirmed.



Nov 25th - Allerton Park weight pull. The pull is moved indoors due to the extremely wet conditions. Leader pulls 1400lbs, and Twisp pulls a new PB of 1700lbs.

Nov 17th & 18th - Tentsmuir SHCGB rally. After heat one Leader and Twisp stand in 3rd place in D2, by the end of heat 2 the move up to 2nd

Nov 11th - At Allerton Park weight pull, Leader and Twisp both pull 1500lbs

Nov 3rd- Our first rally of the season, the night rally at Delamere. Leader and Twisp run in D2 and finish 8th



Oct 7th - At the first Allerton Park weight pull of the season, Leader and Twisp both pull 1500lbs

Oct 7th - Ian attends the AMCUK Health Seminars on canine epliepsy, and weakness in the Alaskan Malamute, icluding polyneuropathy





Sept 29th - At the AMCUK Championship Show, Twisp is placed 3rd in Post Graduate Bitch.

Sept 15th - At Darlington Champ show, Leader places Reserve in Post Graduate Dog, and Twisp Reserve in Post Graduate Bitch.

Sept 2nd- At Wolsingham Agricultural Show, Leader places 2nd in Post Graduate, Dash places 1st in Open, and Twisp 3rd in Open.




August25th & 26th- Leader and Twisp complete the requirement for their WPDA titles, with a 20 mile trip around the Calbeck Fells in the Lake District.



July 29th - At Leeds Champ show, Leader places VHC in Post Graduate Dog

July 26th - We have to say goodbye to our beloved Shiba Inu boy, Koi, aged almost 17 yrs. :(

July 1st- At Lanchester Canine Society Show, Leader places 2nd in Post Graduate





June 24th - Dash, Leader and Twisp all test clear for HC at their annual eye test.

June 16th - At Border Union Agricultural Society Champ show, Leader places 3rd in Post Graduate Dog, and Twisp 2nd in Post Graduate Bitch, meaning they both qualify for Crufts 2013

June 3rd & 4th - Leader and Twisp complete another 20 mile backpacking trip towards their WPDA. The route takes us over Pillar mountain at 2927ft Dash comes along too.





May 26th- At the AMCUK Open Show there are some good result for our dogs.

Kia wins the 10 years and over Verteran bitch Class

Leader and Twisp win the Brace Class

Leader gets VHC in PGD and VHC in Open Dog Rescue stakes

Twisp gets VHC in PGB and 3rd in Special Working Certified Bitch

Dash gets VHC in Special Working Certified Dog


May 17th- Twisp passed her Kennel Club Good Citizen GOLD award


May 5th & 6th - Leader and Twisp complete another 24 mile backpacking trip towards their WPDA. This time the whole Packice family come along too.



April 22nd- Leader and Twisp complete the final 10.5 mile trek of the season around a "squelchy" Allerton Park estate.

April 21st- At the final Allerton weight pull of the season, Leader & Twisp both pull pb's of 1600 lbs. Dash pulls 2100lbs

April 7th & 8th- Leader and Twisp complete a 22 mile backpacking trip in the Lake District, with a wild camp at Blackbeck Tarn.


April 1st- At the Allerton weight pull, Leader pulls a new pb of 1400 lbs. Twisp equals her pb by pulling 1200lbs. Dash pulls for the first time in a while and pulls 1900lbs



March 16th- We return from our holiday, where Leader completed his requirements for his WLD title, and Leader and Twisp completed a WTDA leg with a 30 mile day trip



February 24th- We start our long journey to Drevdagen in Sweden for our 3 week sledding holiday.

February 12th- Leader and Twisp complete the 10.5 mile Allerton Trek, which is hard going due to soft snow in places. Dash joins them for the final 7 miles

February 11th- At the Allerton weight pull, both Leader and Twisp pull personal bests, of 1300lbs and 1200lbs respectively.




January 24th- Dash joins Leader and Twisp and completes the 10.6 miles long distance trek at Aviemore. Leader run single lead the whole way.

January 21st & 22nd - At SHCGB Arden Grange Aviemore rally, Leader and Twisp finish in 7th place in a strong E.2 class, the fourth fastest all Malamute team.

January 15th- At the Allerton weight pull, Twisp & Leader both pull 1000lbs, and gains their final leg towrds their WWPD title.

January 7th & 8th- At the SHCGB Sherwood Rally, Leader and Twisp finish in 4th place in a large D.2 class, the second fastest all Malamute team.






December 17th- At the Allerton weight pull, Twisp pulls a personal best of 1100lbs, and gains her 3rd leg towrds her WWPD title.



November 27th- At the Allerton weight pull, Leader pulls 1100lbs, and gains his 3rd leg towrds his WWPD title.

November 19th- Leader and Twisp compete at their second rally at Tentsmuir in Scotland After day one they lie in second place.However we have to head home due to an injury to Dash.

November 17th- Twisp passed her Kennel Club Good Citizen Silver award

November 13th- At the Allerton weight pull both Twisp and Leader pull 1000lbs, and gain another leg towrds their WWPD title.

November 5th- Twisp and Leader compete at their first rally, a night rally at Delamere Forest. They take it all in their stride, and have an enjoyable run, finishing in 7th place.



October 28th- Koi, celebrates his 16th birthday!

October 16th- The weight pull season starts again at Allerton Park, and Leader and Twisp compete for the first time.

Twisp pulls 900lbs, and Leader 1000lbs both earning their first WWPD legs.


October 3rd - Leader and Twisp complete the requirements for their WPD titles. Thanks to Ewan and Emma for accompanying them.



September 24th - At the A.M.C.UK. Championship show, Leader wins best Junior in the rescue stakes.


September - A new "toy" lands in the paddocks, much to the amusement of Leader and Twisp.






August 28th & 29th - Backpacking trip in the Lake District. 22 miles over two days with a wild camp at Blea Tarn.


August 24th -Dash receives certificates for his AMCA WWPDX and WPDX titles, making him the first UK bred Malamute to hold two excellence titles




August 7th -Its a cool start to the month so Leader and Twisp have their first training run of the season



July 24th   At the Allerton Park practice day, Leader and Twisp have their first go at weight pull.

Photos by Bob Raby



July 9th  We hike the High Stile mountain range in the Lake District


June 22nd – 26th  Aimee, along with Sara Barstow from Ayakulik Malamutes, visit Sue and Roy at Mountain Home


June 19th at Border Union Agricultural Society Championship show, Leader places second in Junior dog, and Dash 3rd in Limit dog,  Dash will now be joining Leader at Crufts 2012.


June 18th Dash, Leader and Twisp pass with clear eyes under the BVA/KC/ISDS schemes.


May 21st:  at the Scottish Kennel Club Championship show, Leader qualifies for Crufts 2012, by gaining a 2nd place in the junior dog class under judge Frank Kane.


May 12th: Twisp gains her Kennel Club Good Citizen Bronze award


May 14th & 15th - We attend the AMCUK Open Show and fun day. We have great day showing, all the dogs gain a placing.
                           Leader- Reserve in Puppy Dog, Twisp VHC in Puppy Bitch, Dash 2nd in Limit Dog, Kia 1st in Veteran bitch (10yrs & over).
Leader and Twisp - Reserve in Brace class.
The dogs had a gret fun day, having a go in the novelty classes, agility and the "rabbit chase".

Photos by Kirsty Terry, Sara Barstow, Andy Mellor


April 24th/25th/26th – Dash completes last 40 mile trip towards his WPDX.

April 22nd  - Weeks holiday up at Bowlands Trails.

April 17th – At  the Allerton Park Weight Pull Championship presentation, Dash is awarded the Amaqqut Trophy for winning the over 100lbs class, and the Arcticdawn Salver for the most weight pulled.
Daughters Polar, and Kiska finish the season in 2nd and 3rd repecively for the 80- 100lbs class.

April 9th /10th /11th -  Dash completes 40 miles WPDX leg in the High Street mountain range here in the Lake District.

April 7th – Pups, Leader and Twisp start dog training class

April 3rd – Dash pulls 2400lbs t the Allerton Park Weight Pull Championships, a personal best and equal current UK record (at the time)


March 27th – Leader takes BPIB and BOB at the Whitehaven and District Canine Association Open Dog Show.  His first time in the showring!

March 19th - Dash pulls 2200lbs at the Allerton Park Championships, and earns his final leg towards his WWPDX

March 18th - After a long flight, Twisp and Leader arrive safely on UK soil

March 12th - Leader and Twisp, along with their litter sister Kondy, earn their WTD title.  Huge thank you to Sue and Roy.

March 2nd - 9th  
Visit to Mountain Home to reacquaint ourselves with Leader and Twisp before their flight over here. Had a lovely time with Sue and Roy.  Got to take the pups sledding, and enjoy the spectacular scenery in the Twisp River valley.


Feb              Dash gets to use his passport for the first time, and joins Sara, James, Oakley & Kiska in France for a fun
filled holiday of "work, rest & play"



Jan 21st – Jan 25th               A lovely, fun and very active holiday up at Aviemore attending the S.H.C.G.B event.

 Friday – Dash and his pups have great success at the weight pull event.
Dash pulls 1420lbs, on a tough surface, to win the 101+ class, and claim the Bonnie Trophy.

He also takes the Talon Trophy for the most weight pulled on the day. 

                                                Saturday & Sunday – Dash and Breezer join their pals Oakley and Kiska to compete in the 2 day rally, over 4 miles each day.
es has a successful weekends racing the team in the C2 class (mixed teams – e.g Siberian Huskies, Malamutes and other freighting breeds)
After 2 days racing, James and the team finish in 7th place, the second highest placed all Malamute team.
This result helps to earn Dash the Lunar Trophy, for the best combined result in weight pull and race.
Thanks to James for running Dash and Breezer in his team.


                                                Tuesday – Dash and Breezer complete the 10.5 miles long distance trek from Feshiebridge to Glenmore, through the lovely Rothiemurchus Forest.

January 1stLeader and Twisps first outing in harness


December 27th – Kia 10 years old today

December 24th  spend Christmas up at the Bowland trails, and get plenty of sled use!

28th October Koi is 15 years old today

25th October  Twisp and Leaders blood result are in.  Both have way above the levels required, so are free to travel over in March 2011

September 16th  Pups have their blood taken and sent away for the Rabies titer test, to check their levels of immunity.  We await the results

August 30th  Our Malamute friend visit for a long weekend and we host “Field Fest 2010”.  Helen Lightfoot (Chiropractor) visits and checks all the dogs

August 16th Dash 4 years old.  Pups have their Rabies jabs

June 23rd – June 30thVisit to Mountain Home Alaskan Malamutes where we meet Sue, Roy and their malamute family

16th May, Dash & Breezer receive AMCA Working Team Dog certificates

May 15th  Twisp and Leader born

1st, 2nd & 3rd May,  Dash along with his buddies completes the first leg towards his AMCA Working Pack Dog Excellence title, by trekking 40 miles over 3 days in the northern Cairngorms in Scotland

11th April, Kia completes her requirement for AMCA Working Team Dog
14th February, Dash & Breezer complete their requirement for AMCA Working Team Dog