Hyteton Inbo Harvest Garner at Packice x Cinneli Delta Zero
D.O.B:  22/12/08

Cinneli Ice Road Polar Bear WTD WWPD WPD WWPDX ROWD

Polar is the girl that was kept by her breeders Kay & John Botterill at Cinneli kennels.
She was affectionately known as “Chunk” as a young pup, as she was the biggest of the litter.
Polar has developed into a lovely girl with a strong but feminine head.  She has an excellent temperament. Polar excels at working, and is a powerhouse in the weight pull harness gaining her WWPD & WWPDX titles with ease. She has also recently been awarded the ROMWD, due to her offspring gaining working titles, showing that its all in the genes.

Cinneli Ice Road Kiss at Ayakulik WTDX WLDX WWPDX WPDX VAM

Kiska is owned and loved by Sara and James Barstow at Ayakulik kennels.

She was lovingly known as the “black sheep” of the family, being the only seal girl in the litter.
Kiska has developed into powerful yet feminine girl.  She has a wonderful temperament, and is a registered PAT dog.  Kiska excels at working, gaining many working titles from working here and in Europe.

Cinneli Ice Road Echo WPD WTD

Echo is owned and loved by Danielle Harrison and Scott Collins.
Echo was affectionately known as “Monday” as a pup, as she and her “twin sister” were so similar, but born on separate days.
Echo has developed into a strong affectionate girl, who like her sisters has a lovely, laid back temperament.
She loves to work in harness, especially on the trail, where she is a constant, powerful performer. Echo is also showing great promise in weight pull, and has taken well to backpacking gaining her WPD title with ease. She is also well on her way to her W JCB title, as Dan’s garden will testify to!

Cinneli Ice Road Tickety Boo

Boo is owned and loved by Lynne and Martin Hall at McKinley Malamutes.
Boo was lovingly known as “Tuesday” as she arrived a day later than her sisters.
She has developed into a strong, affectionate, and pretty girl.  She has a strong willingness to please.
Boo loves to work in harness, and is a tireless worker on the trail, and a little powerhouse at weight pull.
She has already gained legs towards both her WTD and WWPD titles.

Boo has also had great success in the show ring from a limited amount of shows